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21 Days of Loving Yourself

21 Days of Rebuilding






Psychologists, counselors and coaches are finding that coloring books are a great alternative form of meditation and inspiration.

7 Reasons Adult Coloring Books Are Great for Your Mental, Emotional and Intellectual Health

Health Benefits of Coloring Books Attracting Adults to Childhood Pastime

The Color Your Life series is designed to bring couples, professional groups, family, and friends together to engage in a collaborative and creative life-changing experience.

Through scriptures, journaling, and inspiring images to color, the Color Your Life coloring book series offers a hands-on approach to creative life change by challenging us to grow in five critical ways: mentally, spiritually, financially, interpersonally, and behaviorally.

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21 Days of Rebuilding is a loving challenge to rise up and stand after a major life setback. The goal of this 21-day journey is to reclaim strength, confidence, and understanding in preparation of the blessings that come with walking in purpose.

21 Days of Loving Yourself invokes a journey to self-love to begin the process of enhancing the way we honor and cherish ourselves. The ultimate goal is to develop the type of love that reflects the intense and empowering love that God continues to show us.

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